From Choir Member Barbara

I had read several articles extolling the benefits of singing as part of a group, which suggested there is a positive boost to your mental health and psychological well-being. Also the enthusiasm of one of my sisters, when she joined a choir after retiring, made me feel I would like to do the same.

Chatting to a friend at the gym, she mentioned going to an open day which resulted in her joining Havering Singers. Obtaining the details from her, I checked out the website, liked what I saw, which spurred me on to contact the choir treasurer. He sent an encouraging reply via email and I joined on 5th September 2012.

At that time I was going through a stressful period after coping with several health issues, so it was a pleasant distraction and uplifting experience to start a completely new venture.

The experience of joining the choir has rekindled skills learned as a child, such as the piano, which now helps me to follow the music during choir practice…and the variety of music performed by Havering Singers from ‘Latin’ to ‘musical shows’ is also a nostalgic reminder of my growing up, when I sang in the church choir and enjoyed going to the cinema to see shows such as ‘West Side Story’, ‘My Fair Lady’ etc.

This year’s Spring concert when we sang Handel’s Messiah with a full orchestra and soloists, was truly magnificent and it is nice to know it was first performed in Dublin in 1742 (my homeland).

I’ve made some good new friends at Havering Singers and everyone has been very welcoming, from our conductor, pianist, team leader (soprano), and those who tirelessly organise the music scores and ‘bonding events’.

Attending choir practice is always well worth the effort, even in the winter months when the weather outside is saying ‘stay indoors’.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity of being part of Havering Singers.

Barbara C.

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