The Committee … well most of them!

Donna Coy – Hon. Chairman and Charity Trustee

Voice: 1st Alto
Joined: 1986
Singing experience: School choir, Diminished 4th (a folk group), Southampton Choral Society, Thurrock Choral Society and Super Montem (a chamber choir of 9 voices). At present I am a member of HS and a local community choir called United Singers.
Occupation: Retired after a career in teaching.
Interests: Aqua aerobics, Indoor bowling, photography, reading, theatre, travel and of course SINGING!

Trevor Marlow

Trevor Marlow – Hon. Treasurer and Charity Trustee

Voice: 1st Tenor
Joined: 1996
Singing experience: At school and church and with St Edward’s Singers.
Occupation: Horticulturist, previously worked in banking in the City.
Interests: My garden, holidays (both skiing and walking), golf (not very good), music. My brother David also sings 1st Tenor.

Judy McCuin

Judy McCuin – Hon. Secretary and Charity Trustee

Voice: 2nd Soprano
Joined: Many years ago.
Singing experience: At school, college and various musical groups.
Occupation: Previously a primary school teacher, now a governor.
Interests: My adorable grandsons, my garden, holidays and music. My husband John sings 2nd Tenor (and most other parts) and my daughter Claire sings 1st Soprano.

Pam Ball

Pam Ball – Librarian, concert organiser, liaison with other choirs re joint concerts and many other things

Voice: 2nd Soprano
Joined: 1985
Singing experience: School & university.
Occupation: Retired IT specialist and maths/music teacher.
Interests: Music (especially opera), gardening & gardens, travel and history.

Jo Bush

Jo Mercer – Online ticket sales and advertising

Voice: 1st Alto
Joined: January 2012
Singing experience: School Choir/Singing in the Shower!! I don’t read music although I’m trying to learn.
Occupation: Client Services Rep for a City Firm.
Interests: Reading (anything, including the back of cereal packets!), history – member of English Heritage. My aunt sings Soprano with Hutton & Shenfield.

Theresa Hughes – Acting Secretary

Voice: 1st Alto
Joined: September 2012
Singing experience: Does karaoke count? I joined a small unauditioned choir in January 2010 and was introduced to Havering Singers by a fellow member. I joined in 2012 after a ‘Come and Sing’ recruitment drive and haven’t looked back since! I can’t read music, which can be challenging at times, but that’s next on my list. I am living testament to Havering Singer’s ethos of enabling anyone to become involved in music.
Occupation: Counsellor/Psychotherapist in Private Practice.
Interests: History, particular anything presented by Lucy Worsley; avid reader and member of book club; the arts, theatre and music.

Steve Trump

Steve Trump – Raffle and Quiz Night co-ordinator

Voice: 1st Bass
Joined: April 2011
Singing experience: Some in secondary school but spent many years playing violin.
Occupation: IT Service Manager at a large Pensions Organisation.
Interests: Golf (probably worse standard than Trevor!), music, Dr Who, Family History research.

Steve Wraight

Steve Wraight – Membership and attendance registers

Voice: 1st Bass
Joined: 1983
Singing experience: School, Redbridge Youth Choir, church and with The Really Big Chorus singing in Lisbon & New York.
Occupation: Retired Financial Adviser.
Interests: Gardening, playing Bridge, model making and eBay.

David Newman – Webmaster

Voice: 1st Bass
Joined: October 2013
Singing experience: Church choir boy, school choir then various ad hoc singing groups.
Occupation: Project Manager.
Interests: Music (playing and singing), technology, France.